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Luxury knows no bounds at the Forest V Penthouse. Feel like you exist in your world as you enjoy the extravagance of a Forest V penthouse equipped with the best technology to simplify your life and surrounded by a cascading forest that adds to your sense of well-being.

Nothing beats having a home tailored to your preferences and staying that way because you have complete control. Get an intimate and personalized experience from running your space from your smartphone and feel safe with the high-end security system in place, knowing no one will have unauthorized access to your home.

Resident Lifestyle

Forest V offers a style of living unmatched by any other residential apartments in Lahore.

A state-of-the-art security system offering hassle-free entry for residents and their guests. The Resident Virtual Key offers keyless entry for our residents and a temporary code is given to residents' guests to enter the foyer, designated amenities and apartment floors using their mobile devices without any hassle.

Forest V is a smart building powered by machine learning & IOT, airflow by design with sensory heat maps ensures the airflow in each apartment is comfortable and energy efficient while optimising the cooling of each apartment and common building space.

Key Features

  • Pillarless Design
    Pillarless Design
  • Terrace
    Main & Side Terrace
  • Parking
    4 Parking Spaces
  • Maid Room
    Maid Room
  • Dirty Kitchen
    Dirty Kitchen
  • Powder Room
    Powder Room
  • Terrace
    Spacious Terrace
  • Closet (1)
    Walk-in Closet
  • Laundry Room
    Laundry & Storage Room
  • swimming-pool
    Infinity Pool
  • helipad (1)
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