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Lahore, the City of Gardens

With an ever-increasing population, the living trend in is shifting from independent houses to residential apartments in Lahore which are easier to maintain and more suited to a modern lifestyle.  

Forest V not only provides luxury homes in Pakistan, but a style of living that enhances the wellness of its residents and their surrounding environment.

Luxury Life

Inspired by Biophilic Design

Pakistan's First Vertical Forest is a breathtaking architectural marvel designed to be sustainable at its core.

Working with some of the world’s best agronomists, biodiversity, soil, and circular design experts, Forest V plant typology will house approximately 8,000 flora across 80 species to enhance the biophilic effect on its occupant’s health and well-being.

For Sale

Showcase in Lahore

Forest V is Pakistan’s First Vertical Forest and features 87 ultra-large residential apartments including Pakistan’s largest double-story mega penthouse cascading over 25,000 sq feet of stunning spaces.

1 Bedroom Apartment

If you are looking for a space to enjoy in peace, then a one-bedroom apartment at a state-of-the-art smart building Forest V is for you.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which is why Forest V is such a gem to behold for all residents of our 2-bedroom apartment.

3 Bedroom Apartment

Come home to Forest V, our luxury 3-bedroom apartment that will give your family a reason to stay home because it’s just too enjoyable to leave.

4 Bedroom Apartment

Apartment living is a dream when done right, especially if you are a family looking for a more modern place to call home. A four-bedroom apartment at Forest V is the ultimate home for an innovative family. 

Duplex Apartment

Our duplex apartments come in both two and three bedroom options, with the bedrooms occupying the upper floor giving you extra privacy and the space to breathe in your luxury home in Pakistan.


Luxury knows no bounds at the Forest V penthouse. Exist in your private haven as you enjoy the extravagance of a penthouse equipped with state-of-the-art technology to simplify your life.